Mission, Methods and Value Proposition Statements:
Nebraska Community Websites Project

To create a Sustainable Network that captures and effectively communicates small town culture and Quality of Life. We have most to contribute to a Community that has but a single Postal ZIPcode. More than that, and our services are not as valuable and consequently our essential CRAMES model is incomplete.

Individuals that are recognized as well connected to the community are attracted, recruited and incented to gather and document news and stories that provide weekly fresh relevant content for each website.

16 or more Community Websites representing Cass, South Sarpy and Otoe counties in Nebraska will be built and managed to provide valuable free information sharing utilities for the City, Village or Towns they represent. Such a Community "Information Portal" is valuable only so long as the content is fresh, relevant, accurate and authentic. To insure authenticity no official City/Village information will be placed on the Website unless a City/Village Charter is in force. The success of this effort will create significant and dependable volumes of website visitors attracted and rewarded by the fresh content and interested in local Sponsor Ads.

In order to fund the fees paid to the Community Editors, and to built and manage promotion infrastructure, Clickable Message Banners will be available to Sponsors that wish to deliver a message directly to Community Visitors.

Sponsor/Advertiser Value Proposition
For an intentionally modest monthly fee $69, any size Community acceptable business can deliver an attractive message direct to users on Chartered Official Community Websites.

City/Village Value Proposition
No cost, useful Municipal owned Information aquisition/distribution and Economic Development model. Micro business inter-community marketing/advertising mechanism. NCWP delivers micro-business products and services direct to rural Nebraska consumers in a manner that emphasizes convenience, and ads value for those that wish to spend their dollars in their own small town market place.

Website Visitor Value Proposition
Attractive, fresh accurate information - Authentic Small Town Nebraska culture

Community Editor Value Proposition
Community recognition, participation and possible incremental income

Value for the Banner Sponsor/Advertiser
Good Will association with Chartered Community Project. Visibility and effective delivery of a very specific message, to a very specific target market. Simple click access to their website for spontaneous purchase or customer lead contact form. Comparable low investment, click through accounting.

The Community Value Proposition  (Old & New):

Originally the Community Member Value Proposition was: In exchange for a Revocable Charter we will create for you a permanent beautiful website, and a Weekly Newsletter - to help communicate the unique quality of life you enjoy, to help attract families and businesses to call your community their new forever home. In 2000 this was an amazing unique proposition and the network grew quickly. Since 2000 things like Facebook made access to the internet very common and expected, so we needed to enhance the Value Proposition - and effective 7/1/2017 the new offering was announced. Small rural communities have multiple opportunities to place content on the internet, but we are now providing an opportunity to monetize the internet - as an addition to the Bake Sales' the Fish Fries we are now providing the 5-5-5 program. Ad revenues from Community Websites are donated 5% to the Community, 5% to the Newsletter Editor that creates the Weekly Newsletter, and 5% to a Community Organization (VFD, Boosters, Churches, Food Banks) on an ongoing basis! As this new model grows we will need creative people to help us to be the best we can be! Interested? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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