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Nebraska Community Websites Project - Founded 1995 NCWP1995

A Division of  WireBuilt Company a 100% Women Owned Nebraska Small Business Sole Proprietorship

Founded in Louisville, NE 68037, Offices 4707 Hwy 61 Suite 194 White Bear Lake Minnesota 55110-3227

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Executive Summary: The promotion of the CSS Candidate ____________________________

will effectively display the brand and contact information such as clickable phone numbers, clickable email addresses, clickable website address, and contact personnel in an accurate, positive and convenient manner so as to encourage engagement and good commerce. The power of the City/Village Legal Charter of Authenticity creates a unique implied endorsement of the CSS organization by the Chartered Community that hosts the advertising message. The annual commitment and the diversity of display methods - ensures a comfort of familiarity that encourages engagement and cultivates economic development in and for Rural Nebraska.

Application for CSS Status - Requires Approval from Charter Holders

If you are in receipt of this application, it is believed that there will be no objection to the general or specific nature of your organization, however we are required to be clear that the communities that have extended a revocable Charter to Nebraska Community Websites Project www.NCWP.org a Division of WireBuilt Company maintain the final right to object to any content or sponsor for any reason on their Official Website. Your application is automatically approved if you are not specifically notified to the contrary within 3 Business days of your application Date.

CSS is the oldest, and the original form of Sponsorship. Community Sustaining Sponsorship  (CSS) provided a mutually beneficial relationship with businesses that valued association with small Rural Nebraska Communities. See the CRAMES Model

Our Econ Dev Mission - requires a sensitivity to matters of competition and always a preference for Organizations located in the Community where the advertising message displays.

CSS Status provides special consideration based on the larger benefits for the Community like employment or community development activities. The voice of Chartered Community will always prevail in rare matters of contention should they occur. Decisions are final.

Website Visibility Mechanisms

CSS Status provides for a  minimum of (1) permanent clickable banner attached to the tail of Wednesday Community Newsletters, delivered via email 6:30am local each Wednesday Morning, Twitter, and direct SMS Text to Mobile Subscriptions. Flexible Message Banner - can be revised each Week no later than Monday 5PM of each week. (1) Rotating Clickable Flexible Message Banner on each of the Member Cass County Communities as listed on NCWP.org - and (1) permanent Flexible Message Banner in your Home Community in a section of your choosing - Flexible Banner message can be updated as often as Monthly

Weekly Newsletter Editor Message (Time Sensitive Community Value Messages)

Newsworthy messages can be delivered via email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. CSS Organizations are authorized to contact the Editors that are preparing each Communities Wednesday Newsletter in this manner - so that the Editor can include (or not) the message in the body of the Newsletter. Each Editor is autonomous and empowered to make decisions as to the “Newsworthiness” or usefulness of the message to their Community. Each Editor understands the unique value of the CSS organizations to the Project and to our Communities.

Banner Creation and Ownership

Banner proofs are provided at no additional cost to CSS organizations. Any graphic created for this purpose is your property and will not be modified without your written permission.

Minimum Expectations:

CSS Status is automatically renewed unless you notify us that you wish to surrender your CSS

Beyond the $468 annual, ($117 Quarterly) there is no ongoing obligation or contractual responsibilities on your part.

(Your feedback / suggestions are always welcome, and encouraged to improve this service)

Please fax to: 866-738-9866


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Ad Space

We have several ad sizes and placements available for sponsored advertising at Nebraska Community Websites.

Principle Sponsor

The principle sponsor receives the most coveted space on the community website, the top banner (above all content on the page). It indicates support and commitment to the town residents and visitors. Top visibility in desktop and all mobile devices. Yearly commitment

    $3,600 per year billed on a monthly basis

    Size up to 600px x 110px above website menu.


Custom designed and placed by the Nebraska Community Website Project

Community Sustaining Sponsor Ad

The community sustaining ads are visible in ALL participating newsletter websites  (more than 12 communities and growing). Yearly commitment.

Multiple your exposure with a Community Sustaining advertising. Premier spot in rotating banner on the home page (each css banner ad is randomly shown one at a time above newsletter) placement in all county websites in addition to footer placement in all newsletters.

    Size 500px x 100px

    $468.00 per year billed at $117 per quarter


Featured Website Ad

The featured website ad receives the premier section on the upper right column. It is visible on the first page of every website and newsletter view. Only one business can purchase this spot for maximum visibility. Yearly commitment.

    $672.00 per year billed a $168 per quarter

   Ad Size 300px x 400px


Web Site Ad

The community website ad is a great advertising option promote your business to visitors to the website. It is visible to all viewers and can be linked directly to your website. Available in 3 different sizes. Quarterly commitment.

Ads will be visible in the right column (below Featured Ad and community announcements) and will appear to the right of the newsletter and any website content. 

    3 Month Exposure

    $95.00 Small 300px x 300px
    125.00 Medium 300px x 600px
    175.00 Large 300px x 900px

 SmallAd   MediumAd   LargeAd2 


Wirebuilt Co. /
DBA Nebraska Community Websites


tel. 866-932-4774
fax 866-738-9866