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Rural Advertising

If your market place is primarily Cass, South Sarpy or Otoe Counties, NCWP is a great value from an advertising perspective.  There is no more cost effective advertising vehicle available today and your support/association with the local City or Village serves as and implied endorsement and introduction for your business. That impressions is simply not available from any other form of advertising. We have most to contribute to a Community that has but a single Postal ZIPcode. More than that, and our services are not as valuable and consequently our essential CRAMES model is incomplete.

How does it Work?
First: You call 402-968-0821 and simply say that you are interested in Sponsorship/Advertising or would like more information.

Next: We will take your information, via fax 866-738-9866, via email, or via you dropping by our office at 129 Main Street in Louisville. We will conceive your banner message from graphics you have, (from your business card, or website or brochure), and we will create a banner proof and submit it to you for changes, or approval. This first banner will be created free and it will be yours to keep!

Last: We will send you a PayPal Invoice to activate and "Run" the banner (or multiple banners) for 30 days.
Your banner will run, alongside other business banners and will be presented in the 4 most popular and visible positions on each (all) of the 13 Community Websites simultaneously.

As of March 1, 2016, we have a cumulative 25,650 banner views/month and banners were clicked aprox 12% of the time. When the visitor clicks your banner, they are delivered directly to the destination you choose. This visitor is now in a position to become your new customer! Please call 402-968-0821 and get your FREE banner proof today! You can choose to activate it immediately, or activate it in the future but get your banner generated today for Free!

You can also click here and send an email or click here, and send this form to request assistance!

Where Does My Money Go?
Your Principal Sponsorship helps support the Nebraska Community Website Project, and funds the local Community Editors who communicate from their respective main streets every week. NCWP pays a stipend directly to the Editor in that Community for approved Weekly Newsletters that communicate small town Nebraska values. We know the "News" we distribute is unlikely to make the Wall Street Journal, but it is just right to feel the pulse of our vital small towns. In this way, you are helping in many ways to keep small town Nebraska culture healthy and attractive as a place to raise families, and do business.

Mission, Methods and Value Proposition Statements:
Nebraska Community Websites Project


To create a sustainable network that captures and communicates small town Nebraska culture and Quality of Life.


Individuals that are well connected to the community are attracted, recruited and incented to gather and document news and stories that provide weekly fresh relevant content for each website.


16 Community Websites representing Cass, South Sarpy and Otoe counties in Nebraska will be built and managed to provide valuable free information sharing utilities for the City, Village or Towns they represent.
Such a Community "Information Portal" is valuable only so long as the content is fresh, relevant, accurate and authentic. To insure authenticity no official City/Village information will be placed on the Website unless a City/Village Charter is in force. The success of this effort will create significant and dependable volumes of website visitors attracted by the fresh content, and interested in local Ads.


In order to fund the fees paid to the Community Editors, and to built and manage promotion infrastructure, Clickable Message Banners will be available to Sponsors that wish to deliver a message directly to Community Visitors.


Sponsor/Advertiser Value Proposition
For an intentionally modest monthly fee any size Community acceptable business can deliver an attractive message direct to users on Chartered Official Community Websites.


City/Village Value Proposition
No cost, useful Municipal owned Information aquisition/distribution and Economic Development model. Micro business inter-community marketing/advertising mechanism. NCWP delivers micro-business products and services direct to rural Nebraska consumers in a manner that emphasizes convenience, and ads value for those that wish to spend their dollars in their own small town market place.


Website Visitor Value Proposition
Attractive, fresh accurate information - Authentic Small Town Nebraska culture


Community Editor Value Proposition
Community recognition, participation and possible incremental income


Value for the Banner Sponsor/Advertiser
Good Will association with Chartered Community Project. Visibility and effective delivery of a very specific message, to a very specific target market. Simple click access to their website for spontaneous purchase or customer lead contact form. Comparable low investment, click through accounting.





    - Please Contact us Today with any questions regarding Sponsorship Opportunities at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sponsorship of the Nebraska Community Websites Project represents a unique opportunity to deliver your business or organization's message directly to an estimated 25,000 residents of Cass County Nebraska and associate your name with this exciting new Community News/Information Project.

Revenues from your sponsorship pay for the building and promotion of this State wide communications project, and supports the individuals in each community that volunteer as Community Editors.

The key to this Project is the Community Editors. These Editors have been selected for their interest in, and commitment to their Community. Their task is basically keeping news content fresh, entertaining and relevant to the Website Visitors and the residents of the Community they represent. This flow of unique fresh local content insures regular visitors and increases the visibility of your important message.

Sponsorship Comprehensive Community Message Delivery

Principal Sponsor
$3600 Annual Commitment

Community Sustaining Sponsor
$468 Annual Commitment

Featured Ad (Single Community)
$748 annual Commitment

Website Ad
Three ad sizes available


Contact Us About Sponsorship - Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What if I have a Business in Cedar Creek, can I advertise in Springfield?
Answer: Your sponsorship banner will be seen in all 13 Communities, and any qualified Business or Organization is welcome.

Question: But, what if I do not have a Website for a click-to destination?
Answer: For those that do not currently have a website that can be used as a click-through to destination for their banner, or for those that would need special changes to their website to best accommodate these Cass County visitors we can build a Website Lite landing page that will be perfectly suited to your needs.

Question: What is a "qualified business"
Answer: Our most valued resource is the relationships that we have earned with the Cities and Villages that have granted us a Charter. That Charter very specifically provides the Mayor, City Clerk or Village Board the right to disapprove of any content displayed on the Official Community website. We reserve the right to refuse any sponsorship or banner that does not, in our opinion, fit with the culture, values or interests of the Community we serve.

Question: I am only really interested in Plattsmouth, can I save some money if I just advertise there?
Answer: No. We have made sponsorship as inexpensive as possible, and it is County-wide program.

Question: I noticed that the Beaver Lake, Nebraska website is not completed! Why should I pay for a banner?
Answer: Your Sponsorship is for the project in it's entirety. It is going to increase in popularity over the next weeks and months, but this requires people time and resources. We have priced sponsorship so that you get a very good value, even as the network grows.

Question: Are there rules about what my Message Banner can say?
Answer: As we explained, we maintain very high standards as to information displayed on any Official Community Website. Any message that is inappropriately aggressive, or can not be verified as to it's truthfulness, authority and/or validity will not be displayed out of respect for the Communities that we represent.

Question: Why do you display Message Banners in 3 different places, at each of the 11 Community sites?
Answer: We have studied visitor traffic patterns for more than 12 years at some of our first Community Websites, and it is very dependable.  A banner displaying in any of these sections is most likely to be read, and clicked. We have tried to optimize the chances for your message to be seen and clicked. We want for your Sponsorship to be rewarding, and we want for you to be a regular sponsor.

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